Building of Quality Churches

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Purpose: Help Students to have a desire to dedicate their lives to the building of quality churches as well as the strategy to complete the mission.

Proposed Learning Content:

  1. What and Why Quality Churches?
  2. Who is qualified to establish Quality Churches?
  3. How should quality churches be organized?
  4. What are the steps in the building of quality churches?
  5. What are the basic functions of quality churches?
  6. Why Home Churches?  What is the Biblical Foundation for Quality Churches?
  7. Conclusion and Test

Date: March 16, 17, 23, 24: 6 – 9 pm (LA time)
Fee: Free will donation

Assignment: To obtain a certificate from the International House University, students need to write two (2) reflection papers and the book report on Introduction to Guideline to Establish Quality Church by Dr. Paul H. Pang 68 Book Guidelines for Quality Church Translated by Dr. Wong

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